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S4Optik 1600-CH Ophthalmic Exam Chair Only

The S4OPTIK 1600-CH Examination Chairs pneumatically assisted pivot tilting mechanism with one-handed release/control mechanism allows simple patient positioning with up to a 40 degree recline. In addition to featuring this Pivot Tilt System with convenient Tilt Release Controls, the 1600-CH features a strong, yet silent Power Lift System, intellig ...  More
  • $3360.0
S4Optik 1600-CH Ophthalmic Exam Instrument Stand

The 1600-ST brings Elegant Simplicity to the exam room: with clean esthetics, exceedingly simple instrument positioning and strong, durable construction. INSTRUMENT CONSOLE The console is equipped with three recharging wells and also features a raise/lower switch for chair control, rheostat for overhead light intensity control and main on/off switc ...  More
  • $3885.0
Reliance Instrument Stand for Slit Lamp, Phoropter, Keratometer

Reliance 10980 Stand with Chair The Reliance 10980 Stand with Chair features an overhead lamp, counterbalanced refractor and slit lamp arms also an phoropter arm. Console includes three rechargeable wells, lamp rheostat, Auxiliary on-off switch for the projector
  • $4990.0
Optometry Room Phoropter arm & Projector Bracket Wall Mount Stand Support Shelf

Phoropter wall mount The model is able to load a manual phoropter and a chart projector. Specifications: Up/down angle of arm:30 Rotate angle of arm:180 Max weight of phoropter arm:20kg Max weight on projector stand:10kg
  • $330.6
Phoropter stand Vision tester arm Refractor support Table use

Phoropter Stand 1) Ideal support for table use; 2) Hang height can be adjustable; 3) All made of metal, long last and durable.Attention: phoropter in the main pic not included in the price.
  • $235.0
Activisu Image'in Mirror Camera For Eyeglass Fitting Optometry

New in box Only items pictured are included. If a part is not pictured or mentioned in the description then it is not included in the sale. There may be licensing software or drivers required for some of the network equipment we sell. If those items are not pictured or mentioned in the description they are not included in the sale. If you are unsur ...  More
  • $1000.0
S4Optik 2000-CB Chair and Stand Ophthalmic Exam Lane

  • $6749.0
S4Optik 2500-CB Chair and Stand Ophthalmic Exam Lane

  • $7875.0
Optical power table Motorized instrument table Brand new

  • $268.0
Reichert Lane Package: Chair, Stand, Slit Lamp, Phoroptor, Projector

  • $8995.0
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