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Quality Optometry Room Phoropter Stand Shelf Support Brand New

Skype: cntraversal / Mon - Sat 9:00 - 19:00 GMT+8 | send eBay message Sale Items View all items on sale Add our store to Favorites! Sign Up for our email updates and special offers! Home About us View our Feedback Shipping Information Terms & Conditions Return Policy Contact us Why buy from us? Stay in Touch: Shop categories TOP Quality Optomet ...  More
  • $299.0
Reichert Chair and Stand Circuit Boards

These circuit boards are for Reichert Chairs and Stands. (4 Stand Boards, 2 Chair Boards) Some are new, and some have been repaired. All should work, but have not been tested. One working board can restore a non-working unit to a working unit. This is an exceptionally valuable collection for anyone who rebuilds Reichert ophthalmic chairs and stands ...  More
  • $125.0

Reichert Premier Tilt Exam Chair with a Reichert Premier Instrument Stand. The chair has a tilt mechanism and a foot pedal to raise and lower it. The blue upholstery is in good condition. The overall condition of the chair is very good. The Reichert Premier Stand had an overhead light, counterbalanced refractor arm, and a counterbalanced slit lamp ...  More
  • $3600.0
Reichert Premier Chair & Stand

Reichert Premier Chair and Stand set. Reichert Premier chair is a manual recline with a tilt lock. Chair goes up and down with a push of a button. Reichert Premier Stand has 3 charging wells. Counter balanced phoroptor arm and slit lamp arm slides up and down with a lever. Both chair and stand have been completely refurbished. Reichert Premier Chai ...  More
  • $4495.0
Reliance Mecanical Instrument Table Ophthalmology

Manufactured by F & F Koenigkramer Co. Reliance Koeningkramer Co. Cincinati Ohio USA Manual use Sell "as is". Cosmetically looks in good conditions, Good Working Conditions Actual unit, comes as shown. If you have more questions please feel free to contact us.
  • $199.0
Ophthalmic Chair Model A

Brand New - Ophthalmic Chair The chair is electrically driven, arm rest, back rest. The elegant, smooth and noiseless chair goes upward and downward by motorized control. U-prosthetic electric back with synchronized foot section,corded remote foot controls. This is the ultimate unit for patient comfort with time saving features for the modern and d ...  More
  • $1700.0
Ophthalmologist Optometrist Two Stands w/ Refraction Desk COW many fuctions

  • $150.0
Ophthalmology Topcon 1800

  • $995.0
Ophthalmology Chair Reliance 5000;

  • $990.0
Ophthalmology Power Table 18X36

  • $395.0
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